Pakistani Food


It was Pakistani food on Thursday. I know we still don't have grants, but there is a lot of enthusiasm of our cultural meal project. We are eager to start. The only thing we need now, is lots of grants!!!

I hear that many women in our community are eager to engage into outside of their traditional world in a way they can. They don't want to do something revolutionary or standing out, but they want to get connected. Women tend not to be appreciated for what they do everyday for their family, but if they can get some money for that they do anyway, is really nice. 

That's the project of Home Cooking of the World. We ask our community members to cook 10 meals to introduce their background culture to our neighbors, so that we can find out our neighbors cultural heritage and taste buds.

Tasting meals cooked by someone's mother from other culture is a special treat. Who doesn't want to eat authentic Pakistani food or Senegalese food? Of course you can go to ethnic restaurants, but restaurant food is different from the meals people are actually eating in their home country.

We started to run this project at Hour Children Community Pantry in Long Island City, New York, the area with many new immigrants from all over the world. Those new immigrants bring rich culture from their native country. We love to know their food, culture, values, and many other things. After all, it is ignorance that bring discrimination.

This is also a chance for the recipients of food to give back to the community and get a sense of empowerment. We help each other, and we need each other to survive and grow.

Please donate to support the project. We appreciate donation of any amount.